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Crowdfunding & Release Update

Hey folks, Chris Larue here from Attainable Entertainment

First, I want to thank those who backed Tall Poppy 2 on Kickstarter!

You guys showed your support by backing the campaign but also spreading the word about it! You helped share the Kickstarter links and posts on your own Facebook walls, messaged folks through Twitch, Tiktok and Twitter. Friends, family and fans all united to help get the message out there that Tall Poppy 2 is coming and worth getting behind! I am forever grateful!

This Tall Poppy 2 Kickstarter campaign may not achieve the desired success, however, it has been an invaluable experience that has taught me so much. I embarked on this journey with passion and determination, fueled by the belief that Tall Poppy 2 had the potential to make its funding goals. Although I may not have reached my funding goal, I have gained priceless insights and a greater understanding of the challenges inherent in creating a crowdfunding campaign.

This Kickstarter was a gamble, with 38% of game campaigns succeeding, 62% fail. I rolled the dice like any calculated risk-taker would. Knowing the stats, I have taken some realistic countermeasures as a backup that any sane person would do. I got a summer job haha

Since my time and energy will be directed toward that summer job. I won't have a bunch of development hours to put toward Tall Poppy 2 during the summer. Not until the Fall when I start teaching part-time again. Because of this, Tall Poppy 2's release date will have to be pushed back to

March 29th, 2024


There are some silver linings to this campaign's failure. I can work on TP2 longer and take more time testing. I won't be crunching as hard as I would be if the campaign succeeded. I can also take some new creative chances and put them to the test too, which may make the game even more fun! Silver linings everywhere!

I encourage you to join the company's social media pages or my own to stay informed and up to date on any progress made! You could hang out in our Discord too!

With the deepest gratitude,

Chris Larue

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