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Tall Poppy 2

Developed by: Attainable Entertainment Inc
Published by: Attainable Entertainment Inc. 
Releases: 2024

Price: (Will show closer to release)
System: Windows 11
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Adventure
Mood: Comedy, dark humour, jump scare, horror, suspenseful 
Languages: English
Rating: Teen
Press Contact:
Social: YouTubeTiktokTwitter, FacebookTwitchInstagram


In Tall Poppy 2, the tense exploration, action and puzzle-solving gameplay will keep players on their toes! Players join John and Emma Goldberg, a married couple who are forced to face the mischievous Tall Poppy and his new lackeys together!



In Tall Poppy 2, the tense exploration, action and puzzle-solving gameplay will keep players on their toes! Players join John and Emma Goldberg, a married couple who are forced to face the mischievous Tall Poppy and his new lackeys together!

With the sinister spirit unleashed, the island city of Boots Bay's population is slowly being possessed! Players will navigate through the city carefully so that they can avoid capture or possession all while trying to escape Tall Poppy's terror!

Both John and Emma have their own separate playable campaigns, allowing players to see the story from both characters’ perspectives. The fate of these two characters is in the players' hands as they work together to survive and get to the bottom of what is behind the terrifying attack on the city. Will they make it out alive?


  • Exciting gameplay – Engage in frantic combat with enemies, explore frightening corridors, solve puzzles to access areas and collect and use items discovered around the environment in a terrifying comedic fight for survival

  • A whole new perspective – Over-the-shoulder camera with a third-person control scheme which creates a more cinematic take on the comedy horror experience as well as a first-person mode

  • Terrifying realistic visuals – Built with Unreal Engine 5, Tall Poppy 2 delivers breathtakingly photorealistic visuals while stunning lighting creates an up-close, intense and atmospheric experience as players roam Boots Bay City

  • Step into the shoes of both heroes - Enjoy separately playable campaigns for both John and Emma, allowing players to see the story from both characters’ perspectives

  • Face the possessed hordes – Citizens of Boots Bay are brought to life with a horrifying effect. Make every taser shot count!


Welcome to the island of Boots Bay! The island is located in the middle of the pristine freshwater of Lake Huron. It was founded and built by French settlers in the year 1666 after a military conflict. It was a military outpost that later converted into a successful trading outpost. The indigenous population and French had trading relations that were very historic and highly regarded! Speaking of history, historians claim the island is named after the arc angel Bootelbub. However, some speculate it was named after the trading post's popular bever pelt boots!

Legend has it that there's a deeply hidden secret about the island's past. Some say they feel like they're being pulled...or...drawn to the island. City marketers jumped on this conspiracy theory and made the Boots Bay city motto "The island that you won't want to leave!"

The city is widely known for its European look and it's one of the city's main tourist attractions! You can visit some of the local attractions, such as, but not limited to...

Boots Bay City streets


  • Navigate through Boots Bay city on foot through Eurocentric architecture!

  • Enjoy the sights & sounds of the Canadian island atmosphere

  • Find your way to a few points of interest places like the famous supermarket, burger joint and bank!

Visit the historic Mansion / Nun-house

  • Explore the city's first mansion, built right beside the world-famous church!

  • Known for its humble beginnings as the first home of Lord Goldberg, the infamous knight who settled on the island in 1777

  • Some historians believe the mansion was built on top of the, then village's old French prison. When asked about it, the Goldberg family has always brushed it off as radical folklore

Explore the city underground!

  • Boots Bay City build the subway system in the late 1990s with remarkable speed and accuracy

  • There is strict security in the subways, ensuring the locals feel secure and safe

Experience the world renown Bootelbub Church!

  • Visitors are enthralled with the Bootelbub Church which houses some of the best craftsmanship ever to be displayed

  • The church provides the town's local funeral services such as wakes, celebrations of life and burials.

  • The graveyard continues its legacy with French, Goth-inspired burial sites


  • John Goldberg, husband to Emma and nephew to Lawrence Goldberg. John is a successful video game critic on a video-sharing website. He's known for his harsh criticisms, especially for horror games (ironically).

  • Emma Goldberg, wife to John. She's a live streamer who plays games and has a social media following. She's known for taking peace sign selfies mixed with the "duck face" expression in various locations.

  • Tall Poppy, who's abnormally tall. His real name is Poppy Ericson. Due to his height, he often got picked on for being tall. His nickname was given to him by his old high school bully... John Goldberg. He was a grave digger for the city church until he got fired for "pranking distraught widowers as they grieved". He's known for being very curious and likes to explore places he shouldn't be exploring...

Tall Poppy 2 started development in January 2022. The goal was to continue the story for the first game and make it more exciting. After a couple of weeks of planning, Chris Larue got to work making some early prototypes of some gameplay mechanics. Making good progress, around April, Chris discovered a Unreal Engine Marketplace pack called the Horror Engine. In doing so, he decided to pivot and change some story/mechanics to better suit the Horror Engine's mechanics. That meant going back to the drawing board. 

After a week, a new plan was created and development resumed. Chris started working on back end systems first so he could make the best project he could, one that could scale up in size if need be. He even started prototyping virtual reality systems as well.


Around this time, he got a message from an aspiring game developer named Ryan Bendall who was looking to help Chris make the next Tall Poppy game! After time, Chris welcomed him onboard as a contractor. With an extra body on the project, the project started shaping up quite well with Chris doing the programming and Ryan doing the level design and environment art.


In August, Chris had an offer he couldn't refuse. He accepted a contract as a part-time professor teaching game design and development for Canadore College! 


As he was learning how to be a professor with training, course planning and grading, work on Tall Poppy 2 slowed down from September to mid-December 2022. Chris' first semester was finished and he was more comfortable with being a professor. So, he started working on Tall Poppy 2 again!

At this point in the story, the game is in development so stay tuned to see how the story goes!


Screenshot 2022-07-24 195251.jpg

Chris Larue


  • Creative Director

  • Producer

  • Lead Programmer

  • Lead Animator

  • Lead Environment Artist

  • Level Designer

  • VFX Artist

  • Sound Engineer

  • Voice of Tall Poppy himself!

  • Admin 


Ryan Bendall

Indie Contractor

  • Level Designer

  • Material/Shader/Texture Artist

  • Environment Artist

  • Programming

  • Motion Capture

  • Voice Acting


How long is Tall Poppy 2?
We're aiming to make a game that is 3-5 hours long. We want to tell a short story about a husband and wife who have to survive and stop the sinister spirit!

Will the game be on different platforms?
We do wish to get our game on multiple platforms. We will start with a PC release and then go from there!

Is this game going to be co-op?
This game is a single-player experience. 

Will there be a Tall Poppy 3?
That depends if you can make it to the end of Tall Poppy 2 :P

Will the game have a VR mode?
VR is on the menu. At this point in development, we want to make sure we have the best PC/console experience first, then we will focus on the VR build.

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