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Developed by: Attainable Entertainment Inc
Published by: Attainable Entertainment Inc. 
Releases: Coming Soon in 2023

Price: (Will show after release)
System: Windows 10/11
Genre: Horror, Indie, Adventure
Mood: Comedy, dark humor, jump scare, horror, suspenseful 
Languages: English
Rating: Teen
Press Contact:
Social: YouTubeTiktokTwitter, FacebookTwitchInstagram


In this comedy-horror adventure, explore the city of Boots Bay where you must go through hell to discover the reason why Tall Poppy is tormenting you. It's time to put an end to his terror once and for all!

Tall Poppy is taller than ever!

Tall Poppy is back in this comedy-horror adventure! You have returned home...only to find your wife mysteriously missing! Begin your search for your kidnapped wife and put a stop to the mischievous Tall Poppy once and for all!

  • First-Person-Action: as the husband, you will experience every up-close conflict and terrifying pursuit through a first-person perspective

  • Explore the city of Boots Bay with it's creepy cramped streets, atmosphere, and engage with it's inhabitants

  • Investigate how and why the ghostly presence has risen in town

  • Discover clues, solve puzzles, and use items to unlock new regions

Tall Poppy 2 started development in January 2022. The goal was to continue the story for the first game and make it more exciting. After a couple of weeks of planning, Chris Larue got to work making some early prototypes of some gameplay mechanics. Making good progress, around April, Chris discovered a Unreal Engine Marketplace pack called the Horror Engine. In doing so, he decided to pivot and change some story/mechanics to better suit the Horror Engine's mechanics. That meant going back to the drawing board. 

After a week, a new plan was created and development resumed. Chris started working on back end systems first so he could make the best project he could, one that could scale up in size if need be. He even started prototyping virtual reality systems as well.

Around this time, he got a message from an aspiring game developer named Ryan Bendall who was looking to help Chris make the next Tall Poppy game!. After time, Chris welcomed him onboard as a contractor. With an extra body on the project, the project started shaping up quite well with Chris doing the programming and Ryan doing the level design and environment art. 

At this point in the story, the game is in development so stay tuned to see how the story goes!

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Tall Poppy 2: Team Members
Screenshot 2022-07-24 195251.jpg

Chris Larue

  • Creative Director

  • Producer

  • Lead Programmer

  • Lead Animator

  • Voice of Tall Poppy himself!

  • Admin 


Ryan Bendall

  • Level Designer

  • Material/Shader/Texture Artist

  • Environment Artist


How long is Tall Poppy 2?
We're aiming to make a game that is 2-3 hours long. We want to tell a short story between a husband who had his wife kidnapped by the sinister spirit!

Will the game be on different platforms?
We do wish to get our game on multiple platforms. We will start with a PC release then go from there!

Is this game going to be co-op?
This game is a single player experience. 

Will there be a Tall Poppy 3?
That depends if you can make it to the end of Tall Poppy 2 :P

Will the game have a VR mode?
VR is 100% in the works. At this point in development, we want to make sure we have the best PC/console experience first, then we will focus on the VR build. 

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