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The Team

So far, the team is just one person, Chris Larue. #SoloDev

I'm the Founder and CEO of Attainable Entertainment Inc, a video game publisher and development studio. I'm also a part-time professor for the Game Design & Development program at Canadore College.


My short term goal is to create short, fun games that reaches the masses. With any luck, I can build a small team and create longer, fun, enjoyable co-op/multiplayer games. 

Long term goal is to form a team of up to 25 people that continue making video games and other entertainment media!

Some skills that I have are:

  • C++ Visual scripting

  • Animation via 3D or 2D

  • Character rigging

  • Game Design

  • 3D art 2D art

  • Level Design

  • Project Management

  • Cinematography

  • Administration

Let's be real here, I need to make decent products and with any luck I can generate good enough revenue to form a small team. That's the goal! So this section will fill up with awesome individuals with various skill sets and we will create fun video games for you guys!

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